Students are excited to learn ASL and to demonstrate thier skills. I love to see my students show me new signs they have learned or ask so many questions because they are intrigued with ASL. One of the number one concerns students have is how can signing skills be lerned or are a few strategies for learning ASL.


1.Focus on learning a certain amount of signs at a time and become skilled in using those signs in conversation.

2.Sign Language uses facial expressions and body language don’t forget them. Use them at all times! A facial expression can change the meaning of a sign.

3.Focus on the overall signed conversation: Mostly the face but don’t forget about the hands and body language.

4.Participate in signed conversations by following along and showing active listening behaviors.

5.Find resources to assist with your learning. Such as  books, online dictionaries and videos.

6.Form a group to pratice with. These can be family, friends or deaf community members.

7.Practice, Practice, Practice.