One of my students shared this story with me and my heart was saddened but I understood. This is a must read it is short but it made me think of how much I missed my twin brother. There were so many things in life we did together and when he passed away I did feel a part of me change and I always feel as though a part of me is missing.

In Belgium a set of 45-year-old twins who were deaf and becoming legally blind decided to end their lives together at a hospital, they felt they could not live the rest of their lives without being able to see each other.

Each us have our opinions of what we would and would not do. However, as individuals we have the right to make our own decisions. It is sad for a person to end their life but it reminded me of the bond between siblings. Also, that these twins were bonded by their multiple disabilities and had made a life together that they could not see living apart or without sight.

I think of how some siblings cannot be in the same room together. My thought is to appreciate the people in your life and the bonds you have created you never know when a decision or act may change your lives. A simple I am thinking of you or forgiving a situation to re-connect with family is all it may take. When we don’t have anyone else it is said we will always have family.

A link to the article is below:

Faced with blindness deaf twins choose euthanasia