We have five senses: sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. What sense could I live without??
The answer is a no-brainer, it would be hearing. Maybe I am a bit biased because of my background and experiences but it is what it is.
There are two worlds: the hearing world and the deaf world. The hearing world relies on their ears and the deaf world relies on their eyes. I am already living in a world where silence makes no difference in life, the deaf world. Actually, I live in both worlds. As a hearing person I live in the hearing world but as a child of deaf adults I live in the deaf world too, this is a privilege. Growing up in a family of deaf individuals and acquiring sign language skills, I have never thought of my hearing as a necessity which is why I don’t have to think twice about living without it….it would be an easy choice.
In the deaf world sound is not important because the world I live in we are visual and expressive beings. I know we can enjoy sound through touch, feeling vibrations move your body and soul all without sound. We can enjoy sound visually like a work of art that stirs your spirit and causes your mind to think about all the possibilities of what you could do with that picture or  sign. If you remember the saying ” A picture paints a thousand words” American Sign Language (ASL) can be as descriptive and beautiful as a picture. During conversations ASL  paints a picture that is so clear a non-signer could understand one part or another.

I could go on and on about the benefits of ASL and why it is such a great langauge but the point is to support why my hearing would be the first choice I would live without. I never said living without the sense of hearing would be easy. I am sure people can think of many reasons why that is a necessity and I may agree with most but it is an individual opinion. All I can share think of the opportunities available that would allow a person to function which is how I think. Of course, ASL would be my first choice instead of the other opportunities but that is another blog.

In closing, my hearing is a non-factor because I have a method of communication that would allow me to function in a hearing society. I have a community separate from the hearing world who would accept me as I am. I would have an identity to be proud of…deafhood… to embrace who I am as a deaf individual. Besides, there are so many things in this world I could go without hearing…that would actually be a blessing to not hear half of the stuff I hear on a daily basis.

What sense could you live without?