I am an experienced educational professional whom possesses a diversified background in education and social services. My great communication, organization skills and understanding of academic and vocational environments assists me in being successful in the workplace .Displaying sensitivity to a culturally and ethnically diverse student population is one of my strengths. A key element is to utilize effective interpersonal skills to forge positive working relationships with students, parents, administration and staff.


University Of Laverne                      M.S. Counseling Education

State of California                              Designated Subjects Career Technical Ed

•    Teaching Credential, Education, Child Development, & Family Services/American Sign Language/EL Authorization

Union Institute & University           B.A Sociology

L.A. Trade Technical College             A.A Liberal Arts

Academic Employment Experience:


Colton Redlands Yucaipa ROP

Taught American Sign Language level 1 and 2 using total immersion approach

Assisted with curriculum and program development for levels 1-3

Participated in Professional Learning Communities and Advisory events

Used techniques to teach students with various disabilities according to guidelines

Planned and implemented school-wide events to promote awareness of ASL

Counseled students in career services and develop placement opportunities

Collaborated with faculty and counselors to provide optimum opportunities for students

Created and maintained webpage for student access


Riverside County Office of Education

Assessed factors such as social history, environmental, economic and psychological influences on student learning to assist students in academic progress

Participated in Professional Learning Communities and Advisory events

Provided individual counseling to high school students

Partner with counselors to map goals for student’s success.

Medal recognition for Most Inspirational Teacher

Adjunct Instructor      (World Languages Department)

Riverside Community College  

Discussed and guide students to resources available to support college venture

Used total immersion approach and Blackboard to enhance student learning

Aligned learning objectives with student learning outcomes to ensure students acquire expected skills within timeframes.

Worked with colleagues to maintain currency of instructional materials and improve teaching while remaining current in field.

Instructor       (Language/DSPS Department)

       Mt. San Jacinto Community College                                               

Knowledge of deaf culture, comparative linguistics, deafness, communication and interpreting issues

Utilized various teaching strategies and techniques for content

Participated with student learning outcome committees and in department workshops.

Microsoft Outlook/Blackboard for communication, grading and document purposes

                  Counseling Intern and Sign Language Specialist  (Disabled Student Services and Programs)

                             Los Angeles Trade Technical Community College                                 

      Counseling Intern

Revamped Disabled Student Program and Services handbook for Staff and faculty.

Developed accessible, ADA mini-informational flyers for disabled students and DSPS PowerPoint for outreach events

Facilitated communication between campus staff, students, district personnel and community organizations

Supported Disability Specialist with files, form completion, registration, graduation processes and all other requested assignments

Attended guidance and crisis intervention training sessions

Performed supervised individual and group counseling, develop and implement accommodations, resources and community service needs.

Sign Language Specialist

Facilitated communication in an educational setting between deaf and hard of hearing students, faculty, staff and students.

Explained and discuss deaf culture topics with faculty to create a sensitivity and awareness of the population in relation to academics

Peer Advisor       (Extended Opportunities Programs & Services)

El Camino Community College

Liaison between the counselor and student, students with program enrollment and book vouchers

Advised students with educational, financial and personal counseling

Monitored attendance, goals and progress of program participants

Reviewed student transcripts and approved students course selections for registration

Professional Employment Experience

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor ( Deaf and Hard of Hearing Unit)   

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation 

Interviewed applicants and/or their representatives and assess all information to determine eligibility for services

Assessed the severity and nature of disability, and the need for vocational rehabilitation services

Collected, analyzed, and interpreted medical, psychological, educational, social, rehabilitation technology, and employment information regarding each applicant.

Referred for evaluations and arrange for various medical and diagnostic treatments that are essential to the vocational rehabilitation process

 Senior Job Developer (Transition Partnership Program) 

Riverside County Office of Education (Val Verde Education Center)

Planned and conducted workshops, presentations, outreach for the purpose of providing information regarding occupational and vocational programs

Coordinated meetings with Department of Rehabilitation, Office of Educations, Social Services and community organizations  to discuss program and clients

Evaluated student’s eligibility in regards to ADA and Department of Rehabilitation, site meetings and IEP’s.

Coached Job Developers to assist them in developing new skills, educate employers about program services and participants.

Worked with at-risk and disabled youth providing career, academic and social/personal services.

Additional Expertise:   Certified Facilitator (General Relief Opportunities for Work Program)

Fluent in American Sign Language