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fatherFather’s day has come and gone but the lesson learned remains. I raised by a single deaf mom and hearing grandmother who invested in me to become what they knew I could be.  Through out the years of they were my sole support and I never wanted for anything. I had a father who was deaf and had moved on with a new wife and four daughters of their own and my brother and I remained with my mother. Although, there was a reoccurring event called a “birthday” where my father would show up to greet my twin brother and I with birthday wishes and a birthday card sent from my paternal grandmother. For years that was my only contact with him until one day I told him that he no longer needed to grace me with his presence because I had all I needed which did not include him. From that point on I did not hear nor see him and that was fine with me.

Until the year of 2005 when my mother passed away and he contacted me about my mother’s passing and wanted to attend the funeral. My mother never harbored ill feelings for him so I wanted to respect the big-hearted and forgiving person she was and invited him. After the funeral my dad asked me if I could have a place for him in my heart and in my life (by the way this was not the first time he asked) and my response as usual was I don’t know. I always say that I did not hold an ill feelings towards him but I did. After that day things went on as they usually did and we did not communicate.

Then in the year of 2009 my twin brother passed away and my father and I connected again. I am not sure how we did but he was there with me every step of the way. I saw a different person. After, my brother’s funeral he asked me the same question again and this time my answer was different I simply stated ” I will try” to make a place for him for who he was now but reminded him that it would take some time and effort. Eventually, I found myself lowering my guards and letting go of the ill feelings, seeing him for the person he had become and letting him into parts of my life.

Here we are in 2014 and I am calling him to say happy father’s day because he deserves it. He has been very patient and accepting of who I am and where I am. We talk more frequently, we attend church together occasionally and he even attended my daughter’s basketball game last week. Even though it has been years, I am appreciative to be at this point and to actually have a father I want to call and honor on this day. Thank you to my father for seeking change, being committed and showing it is never too late to be a father. Happy Father’s Day!


This video prove with a certain skill set that ASL Interpreters can do anything!! Also, that the one thing hearing people think they would miss most…music.. the deaf have access to because of touch (feeling of vibration) and vision (interpreters). Thank you to every interpreter who facilitates all communication and goes above and beyond!

I am always looking for new, creative and fun ways to teach vocabulary. Routinely, I teach vocabulary by using pictures, playing charades or describing what the item is and then introducing the sign.

Is there any one out there who has a great way to introduce high school and adult students to new vocabulary??? Please share.

deaf md

This video explains the benefits of using the website DeafMD

Here is the link to the actual website, make sure to visit the site!

turkeyWith Thanksgiving right around the corner…that is at the end of this week. You may be looking for fun and creative activities to enjoy with the kids. There are several resources listed below that can turn up the level of excitement for the little ones Thanksgiving. Hope you find the resources helpful and ENJOY!

These websites have resources for:

ASL Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

ASL Thanksgiving Song-Barb Wifi

Sign Translation (basic)

For hearing people:Barb states that each sign is signed four times and then at the end a word is sign once. You  will see that by the …..between the first four words and the last word.

Thanksgiving(signed 4times)

Plan(signed 4 times)

Cook (signed 4 times)

Smell (signed 4times)…..good (signed once)

Invite (signed 4 times)

Children (signed 4 times)

Adults(signed 4 times)

Hello(signed 4 times)

Welcome(signed 4 times)…come in (signed once)

Share (signed 4 times)

Pie(signed 4 times)

Eat(signed 4 times)…..full (signed once)

Talk(signed 4 times)

Enjoy (signed 4 times)

Happy(signed 4 times)

Clean(signed 4 times)

Rest…(signed once)

Thanksgiving Snipets-Rob Neilson

Great video but no caption for hearing people who have not learned ASL. However, still great to watch! Can also be a great resource for those who have taken sign language to practice receptive skills.


Mrs. Schenk’s JK Adventures

Thanksgiving turkey hand print-free handout

One Perfect Day

Thanksgiving Activities

Great video to show an ASL 1 class about the differences between signed communication. Often students think American Sign Language is universal but it is not. The professional educator in this video gives great visuals of differences between several languages. Enjoy!

Missing In Action!


I have truly been missing in action. My life has become soo busy that I do not have time to think. It is a good kind of busy but a busy that does not allow me to be the best me I can be. I rest in knowing that this will only last a short while and soon I will be back at peace. I have read comments followers have left for me and thank you so much for your thoughts. Pretty soon I will back in action.

Great moments that have happened during my hiatus

1. I have learned how thin I can spread myself…lol

2. I am the process of reconnecting with teaching ASL  and have learned a few tips and tricks of the trade BUT if you have any you would like to share please do. Refreshing lessons as well as how they are taught is great!

3. Had a blast at Deaf Awareness Week in Riverside, met a lot of people and loved getting involved in the community.

4. Had a student who signed a concept very visually that it was a clear as a blue sky and was insanely funny that I laughed all day.

5. I had an aha moment where I learned patience is not my virtue so I need to create a game plan to practice patience.

6. Last moment is despite the not haves in my life….life ain’t to bad. It is what you make of it. As Dave Martin( Inspirational Speaker) would say “Make the rest of your life the best of your life”.


Thank you for reading,

Live to Work or Work to Live

I recently read a blog about living to work or working to live. I immediately asked myself which one am I doing? It would have to be to living to work. All that I do seems to be centered around work and their needs, not my own and not my family. It seems all so simple to say my mission would be to enjoy life and focus on living but it is not so simple. Often, as an imperfect person I say one thing and do another. I say I want to live but I don’t because each day I die inside. I say I want to be free but the shackles of life’s routines imprison me. I say if I work harder I will have the American dream but each day that dream moves further and further away even though I am working harder and harder. The reality is what  I say and what happens is two different things and I have not yet mastered the art of how to make what I say a reality. Even though, I have read the book titled The Secret which is about the law of attraction. The law of attraction is not working in my favor currently but if it did I would attract opportunity, courage and happiness so that my desires, my words, my thoughts would become a reality. I would work to live and enjoy that simple bliss that is somewhere inside of me and in this life I live.

What are you doing- Living to work or working to live? Share which one and how you are making sure to be where you want to be in your life.

Wishing you a peaceful week filled with joyful surprises and the courage to follow your dreams!

leadArticle @ Deaf Immigrants Event at Cal Baptist on July 28,2013

Website : Hector Project  (A non-profit organization that provides resources for Deaf Immigrants such as ASL classes, job search and referrals)

On Sunday July 28, 2013 I was fortunate to volunteer at the Leaders Empowering Advocacy for the Deaf (LEAD) event created by Immigration Law Offices of Hadley Bajramovic (ILOHB) hosted at Cal Baptist University. This is my second time participating in this event and each time I am blessed with a tremendous experience.

Speaking for myself, I often focus on the “don’t haves” in my life instead of the “do-haves”. This experience reminded me of the basic needs I have and the over and above indulgences I have compared to those who have less based on the status they have in this country we call so great. Side note: there are people who are citizens of the land of opportunity and their needs are not met, which is sad. That only those who the country deem worthy “elite” to have all the joy and prosperity that it has to offer and the poor, less fortunate, middle class and black sheep of this US must work twice as hard, live without and suffer to partake in a piece of the American Dream which never actually transpires. Back to the topic….LEAD.

As I volunteered as an interpreter, I learned so much about the level of language comprehension and expression in deaf immigrants compared to mainstreamed deaf society. I enjoyed finding creative ways to convey concepts of ASL at individual levels of comprehension. These types of encounters which were not always the case  opened my mind to developing my skills and enduring I provided accurate interpretation for the clients served at the event.

At the end of the event a gentleman asked if I could interpret for him with a police officer who was a guest speaker at the event. I cannot share to much of his story but the point that it was all too common of a story about law enforcement and the misconduct and treatment of people who are immigrants, have disabilities or are other ethnicities. His experience was sad but what is worse is the fact that as an interpreter, woman of color and a disability advocate it is difficult to not become desensitized when you hear these experiences. Law enforcement will not change but we have to equip special populations with tools to educate them and protect them against these encounters.

Law enforcement is not the only problem for immigrants. Side note again: Riverside Police Department shared that  police officers are no longer able to pull someone over and ask their immigration status (racial profiling) wish they would be the same where they would stop pulling over people of color based on ethnicity..any who…we will see how successful this is. Back to the other concern shared by the officer that immigrants are afraid of being deported or getting into trouble by being here illegally they are often victims of crime in which they do not report the crime because of fear and criminals prey on this population. The department is looking for ways to connect with this community to encourage them to stand up and speak out.

So many lessons in one day. To sum it up attending this event stimulated a desire to serve others, to appreciate the “haves” in my life, and as I grow in my field, life and educating others, I would like to remain connected to a cause that will make a difference for me, the community and the students I work with.