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Never Too Late for Language!

These are heart-warming inspirational must watch videos. Patrick’s story and the people involved reminds me to live in gratitude and inspires me to be the difference. Enjoy!

Patrick Speaks-Update

Tonight I am finding so many great articles! Here is another one about a restaurant in Toronto, Canada called “Signs” everyone signs and you must order in sign, what a great idea. I wish them much success. The link to the article is below and don’t forget to go out and support them if you live nearby, if not like them on Facebook and show support that way. We must support the deaf community.

Signs Restaurant

The Air force may allow a small group of deaf to serve in the air force. Read the article and share your thoughts? Everyone deserves a chance to serve their country, if they choose to. It also depends in the roles they serve in that may give opportunities to the deaf and hard of hearing community that historically they have not had.

Take a look and read the great news about the government making disability issues a priority and hiring a phenomenal deaf woman to oversee the program.

fatherFather’s day has come and gone but the lesson learned remains. I raised by a single deaf mom and hearing grandmother who invested in me to become what they knew I could be.  Through out the years of they were my sole support and I never wanted for anything. I had a father who was deaf and had moved on with a new wife and four daughters of their own and my brother and I remained with my mother. Although, there was a reoccurring event called a “birthday” where my father would show up to greet my twin brother and I with birthday wishes and a birthday card sent from my paternal grandmother. For years that was my only contact with him until one day I told him that he no longer needed to grace me with his presence because I had all I needed which did not include him. From that point on I did not hear nor see him and that was fine with me.

Until the year of 2005 when my mother passed away and he contacted me about my mother’s passing and wanted to attend the funeral. My mother never harbored ill feelings for him so I wanted to respect the big-hearted and forgiving person she was and invited him. After the funeral my dad asked me if I could have a place for him in my heart and in my life (by the way this was not the first time he asked) and my response as usual was I don’t know. I always say that I did not hold an ill feelings towards him but I did. After that day things went on as they usually did and we did not communicate.

Then in the year of 2009 my twin brother passed away and my father and I connected again. I am not sure how we did but he was there with me every step of the way. I saw a different person. After, my brother’s funeral he asked me the same question again and this time my answer was different I simply stated ” I will try” to make a place for him for who he was now but reminded him that it would take some time and effort. Eventually, I found myself lowering my guards and letting go of the ill feelings, seeing him for the person he had become and letting him into parts of my life.

Here we are in 2014 and I am calling him to say happy father’s day because he deserves it. He has been very patient and accepting of who I am and where I am. We talk more frequently, we attend church together occasionally and he even attended my daughter’s basketball game last week. Even though it has been years, I am appreciative to be at this point and to actually have a father I want to call and honor on this day. Thank you to my father for seeking change, being committed and showing it is never too late to be a father. Happy Father’s Day!

This video prove with a certain skill set that ASL Interpreters can do anything!! Also, that the one thing hearing people think they would miss most…music.. the deaf have access to because of touch (feeling of vibration) and vision (interpreters). Thank you to every interpreter who facilitates all communication and goes above and beyond!

I am always looking for new, creative and fun ways to teach vocabulary. Routinely, I teach vocabulary by using pictures, playing charades or describing what the item is and then introducing the sign.

Is there any one out there who has a great way to introduce high school and adult students to new vocabulary??? Please share.

deaf md

This video explains the benefits of using the website DeafMD

Here is the link to the actual website, make sure to visit the site!