American Sign Language is becoming increasingly popular for children ages birth to five as well as special needs children to learn. Sign Langauge can a great benefit to young signers as noted below under FYI. The Hands Talk Too blog will share different information about how to begin your children with learning sign language.  At the end of this page you will find some resources Tips to Boost Learning pdf and  to additional websites to review for assistance.

Learn the Language of Love - Sign Language

Learn the Language of Love – Sign Language teaching (Photo credit: Maestra Latina)

FYI:Benefits of children learning American Sign Language

  • Sign Language empowers children by giving them the means to communicate what they want and need clearly
  • Sign Language is a fun way for children to gain an interest in different languages and cultures.
  • Being bilingual increases literacy and cognitive process and opportunities for future endeavors
  • Boosts enthusiasm and readiness to learn
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem because children are able to express themselves
  • Reinforces language skills and increases creative thinking

Resources for teaching children sign language:

From time to time I will post information about teaching children sign language but here are some great resources to use as well.

Tips to boost learning

Teaches signs along with fun and interactive videos and activties National Association for the Deaf

A good resource for parents with deaf children.