These are some of the resources I have used and found them to be successful.  Any resources you would like to share, questions you may have or comments please contact us.
Resources are by category and suitable for teachers or students unless otherwise stated.


There are some great videos on YouTube. If you are a student be cautious and make sure to check with your teacher on the information you are viewing or signs you learn in these videos.

Online Dictionaries:

Fingerspelling Practice:

Numerical Practice:

American Sign Language Books:

American Sign Language The Easy Way by David A. Stewart

A Basic Course in American Sign Langauge by Tom Humphries, Carol Padden, Terrence J. O’Rourke, Frank A. Paul

Websites: American Sign Language University- Sign Language resource site for ASL students and teachers  Start American Sign Language -Resource site Deaf Resource Library

Community news: (Center on Deafness Inland Empire) (Greater Los Angels Avenues for the Deaf)

American Sign Language Curriculums:


MasterASL w/Fingerspelling text by Jason E. Zinza also found on  Sign Media Inc website

Signing Naturally 1-6 new text  ASL 1 by Ken Mikos, Cheri Smith, Ella Mae Lentz

Signing Naturally has versions for each advanced level. Such as Signing Naturally Level 2 and 3 Units 7-12(older edition).

Learning American Sign Language levels I & II for beginning and intermediate levels by Tom L. Humphries, Carol A. Padden, Rob Hills (Illustrator), Peggy Lott
(Illustrator), Daniel W. Renner (Illustrator)

Additional Resources:


ESL activities are great resources to modify to use with American Sign Langauge activities.

The Internet TESL Journal