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As I prepare for the upcoming Fall semester, I am always looking for new and interesting videos, activities and lessons to add to my curriculum. Finally, after hours of searching I found some great videos that I can share with students that will peak their interest for the different facets and beauty of Sign Language.

Take a look at the videos, share your thoughts and share videos you  may know of that bring light to ASL that help students connect with the language and develop a zest for it!




Tonight I am finding so many great articles! Here is another one about a restaurant in Toronto, Canada called “Signs” everyone signs and you must order in sign, what a great idea. I wish them much success. The link to the article is below and don’t forget to go out and support them if you live nearby, if not like them on Facebook and show support that way. We must support the deaf community.

Signs Restaurant

The Air force may allow a small group of deaf to serve in the air force. Read the article and share your thoughts? Everyone deserves a chance to serve their country, if they choose to. It also depends in the roles they serve in that may give opportunities to the deaf and hard of hearing community that historically they have not had.

Take a look and read the great news about the government making disability issues a priority and hiring a phenomenal deaf woman to oversee the program.