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I read a blog from I selected a part of it I thought conveys the frustration and experiences on behalf of the deaf community and some medical practitioners that are concerned about the disconnect and disregard for deaf patrons in the medical field. Please visit the site and read it in its entirety when you have the chance.

 “The degree of  insensitivity toward deafness and deaf people displayed by the nurse and doctor  is unfortunately very high  and mainly due to ignorance rather than malice. The hearing assume that, thinking  cannot develop without language. Language cannot develop without speech. Speech cannot  develop without hearing.  Conclusion, those who cannot hear cannot think. These assumptions and opinions have had a devastating impact on the lives of deaf people.”

 “Most doctors are prisoners of their education and shackled by their profession.”Richard Diaz

One of the avenues I would like to work with is to provide sensitivity, awareness and ADA training for both medical personnel and the deaf community. I learned about this disconnect the hard way. During my late brothers battle with congenital heart failure, we both experienced first hand the lack of services and education when dealing with deaf individuals. The constant battle to  obtain an interpreter (not me) for my brother especially when I was not present, explaining the language barrier when discussing treatments and terminology and cultural needs of a deaf individual became overwhelming at times. It would seem as the population grows the medical community would have increased training about working with people who have disabilities, not only deafness. Often, my blogs are about deafness but people possess disabilities in addition to their deafness and the need for service providers with familiarity with both e important to the health of the individual. At one point I would bring literature for medical personnel and facilities or hold mini-seminars to quickly educate them on how to meet the needs of deaf patients.

I love when I find blogs or information that discuss the medical field and deaf and/or disabled patients. Moreover, I like that this writer addressed the perspective of people assuming because deaf individuals lack hearing they lack language and they are treated as incompetent, which is further from the truth. This way of thinking is a direct display of  Aristotle belief that deaf people could not learn because of the lack of hearing and language, which by the way he has been proven wrong.

Closing with this,  Duties and Responsibilities of Doctors     Retrieved from

“Being a doctor gives you certain rights and privileges. In return you must fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a doctor. The principles of good medical practice and the standards of competence, care, and conduct expected of you in all aspects of your professional work, are described in this booklet. They apply to all doctors. If serious problems arise which call your conduct into question, these are the standards against which you will be judged.” Click the link below to read the information entirely. 


Good insight on what it is like to be deaf. It reminded me of  some of my experiences as a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) with a deaf parent and siblings. So often, as hearing people we take things for granted (our hearing) and the small things we do not think twice about a deaf person has to think four times about. I am sooo appreciative that I was raised in a deaf household! This experience has taught me to not take life for granted and the small or big things that come along with it. My childhood gives me the motivation to get involved; to advocate and educate others on deafness and disabilities. All I can say is thankyou mom and brothers because of your lives, your struggles, your visions….I am. (I am a CODA, I am an advocate, I am passionate, I am bilingual, I am blessed, I am empathetic, I am loved, I am empowered….I am)

A few years ago I encountered the word “Deafhood” at first glance I assumed it was a label for the deaf community, the unity of it or deaf identity. As years have passed with more research I am learning more about “deafhood” and its imprtance to deaf individuals.I have read  different perspectives on this term/concept anyhow I attached five videos of an interview with  Paddy Ladd(the person who coined the term deafhood) interviewed by Joey Baer (

Feel free to share your thoughts on this “Deafhood”.