Being a part of a Deaf family we have had many experiences both good and bad. Unfortunately, living in the area we did as children my brothers being young deaf males had an encounter with law enforcement. Growing up, they were taught to gesture towards their ears to indicate deafness when someone tried to talk to them or if they encountered a situation with officers. Thank goodness this did not result in a negative encounter but the other person usually  understood  what they gestured. In my years of experiences I have not met many officers who had deaf sensitivity training, especially with the growing population of deaf individuals or officers who work in a heavily populated deaf area. I met a couple, maybe two who had some type of generic training to deal with people with disabilities. I was excited about that experience.

Today, I watch this video on YouTube by Deaf Inc.  and it is awesome! I think law enforcement should have additional training to deal with disabled populations. I understand they probably have enough training as it is but when your job is to protect and serve the community; training and further education never ceases. It is similar to teachers who seem to face non-ending professional development, changing standards, learning to accommodate new disabilities and so on we understand the value and flexibility to adapt to a changing world. I understand.