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This is a website that offers services to the hearing and deaf communities. My goal is to be of assistance to bridging the gap between the hearing and deaf worlds. I provide services for both populations from parenting education, tutoring, workshops and more! Allow me to be a service to you or your organization.



Chuck Baird

(Picture by Chuck Baird)

Hi there!

Thankyou for visiting my blog site. So many times I’ve been asked about various topics related to American Sign Language and the Deaf community. I have also receieved great information about these topics as well I would love to pass on to others.My goal for this blog to be able to share great information, learn great information and make an impact on the deaf and hearing communities through education, awareness and accessbility. Please feel free to post your thoughts and ask questions as I appreciate your involvement and taking the time to read what I post.

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Signs are to the eyes as words are to the ears -Ken Glickman-


In the deaf community our language is visual and we cherish American Sign Language as scholars cherish words. We appreciate when our language is valued and others seek to learn what we use as a part of our daily experience.